On 01/25/2013 08:50 PM, upscope wrote:

> You don't say what browser you used. i just downloaded chaper 5 from the link 
> and then My Browser SeaMonkey open in Okular just fine. Of Course I'm in a 
> Linux environment.

Browser?  I downloaded the file to my desktop (Mint 14 w/Cinnamon)
and tried Evince, Imagemagick's viewer, and some x-pdf thing that
crashed on open.  Then Calibre, no dice including when converted to

But hey!  I just installed Okular and it opened the file normally.
Still, I worry about the portability of this "portable document"
since Evince has never failed to open a PDF file for me before, and
Calibre's results were quite bizarre.

> looks like an interesting book.

Indeed it does.



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