On 01/29/2013 04:07 PM, AllForGimpbut wrote:
> I've tried this a number of times and it was successful. This time
nothing I try
> is successful.
> Problem: want some text along a circular path and the result of
"text to path"
> is ALWAYS text is truncated at the 19th character.

Ouch.  That one looks like a genuine bug, all right.

It looks like your best options might include:

* Export your image, finished except for the circular text, as a PNG
file.  Import this file into Inkscape and do the text there.

* Create your text circle in Inkscape, export it as a PNG file and
import that to the GIMP.

* Hybrid:  Export your unfinished image as PNG.  Import this file
into Inkscape, resume work there and finish the text circle.  Export
just the text circle as a PNG, and add it as a layer to the GIMP
image in progress.

If you really need that text as a path in the GIMP, Inkscape can
solve that:  Make a circle and scale it to equal the inside diameter
of your planned text circle.  Type in your text, select it and the
circle at the same time, and do Text > Text to path.  Tweak the text
as necessary - font, size, kerning - with the text editor tool.
Select both text and circle to rotate the text if needed.

To export the text as a path, select (only) the text and do Path >
Object to path, then Path > Combine.  Save the file as a "plain" SVG.

To import the text circle to the GIMP, right click on the Paths
dialog where path thumbnails normally appear.  In the context menu,
select Import Path and open the SVG file.  You should get two paths:
 The circle and the text.



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