>nothing I try
>"text to path"
>Ouch.  That one looks like a genuine bug, all right.
>It looks like your best options might include:
>* Export your image, finished except for the circular text, as a PNG
>file.  Import this file into Inkscape and do the text there.
>* Create your text circle in Inkscape, export it as a PNG file and
>import that to the GIMP.
>* Hybrid:  Export your unfinished image as PNG.  Import this file
>into Inkscape, resume work there and finish the text circle.  Export
>just the text circle as a PNG, and add it as a layer to the GIMP
>image in progress.
>If you really need that text as a path in the GIMP, Inkscape can
>solve that:  Make a circle and scale it to equal the inside diameter
>of your planned text circle.  Type in your text, select it and the
>circle at the same time, and do Text > Text to path.  Tweak the text
>as necessary - font, size, kerning - with the text editor tool.
>Select both text and circle to rotate the text if needed.
>To export the text as a path, select (only) the text and do Path >
>Object to path, then Path > Combine.  Save the file as a "plain" SVG.
>To import the text circle to the GIMP, right click on the Paths
>dialog where path thumbnails normally appear.  In the context menu,
>select Import Path and open the SVG file.  You should get two paths:
> The circle and the text.

Thanks for your help Steve. Did my curved text in Inkscape. Imported the png to
GIMP made the non text parts transparent and got what I needed

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