>Initially the new sliders (i.e. layer opacity adjustment, etc) were
>puzzling to me.  Then I had my "well duh!" moment when someone
>on-list mentioned that the coarse adjustment function is active with
>the cursor in the top half of the slider area, the fine adjustment
>function in the bottom half.
>The on-canvas text editor gave me cat fits, until I started playing
>with it in new empty images just to figure it out.  Now I am
>starting to like it a lot better than the gadget it replaces.
>I lost "on the fly" brush editing via an always-open brush editor
>window, but regained it via the tool options tab and a couple of
>user set keyboard accelerators.
>Full screen mode was not as bad as I expected, but it's just not for
>me.  So far every snag I have hit in GIMP 2.8 turns out to be either
>something the improved or something that moved to a more logical

Yeah 2.8 is still a good program but I just got way too accustomed/attached to
the way everything is laid out in 2.6. If they came out with a version of Gimp
that incorporated properties found in Illustrator, like scalable vector
graphics, I would make the switch.

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