On 04/03/2013 02:27 PM, Uniklaps wrote:
> Hi friends,
> how can I draw in GIMP freehanded *_curved_*
> interrupted lines (dotted; dot-dash-dot; dash-dash;...) ?
> To create lines first with a pencil and to use then the rubber
> gives uneven and so unsatisfactory results.
> Thanks for help!

Hey Konrad,

The thing to do there would be to create your curved line with the
Paths Tool (looks like a pen nib in the main toolbox).  You could
draw the line "from scratch" with this tool, or "trace" a line that
was drawn freehand on its own transparent layer, e.g. with a tablet
& stylus.

Once you have your curved line, go to the Paths dialog dock and
select the "Paint along path" button at the bottom of the dialog.
This will open a menu that includes "Stroke line" (the default).

Set the line width, and open the Line Styles option below that item.
 Here you will find settings for all manner of dots and dashes and
such, and a tool for making your own custom dot and dash patterns.
Select a pattern, push the Stroke button at the bottom of the dialog
box, and viola.

Control+z is your friend, it will probably take a couple of tries to
get exactly what you want.



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