Hi friends,

how can I draw in GIMP freehanded curved

interrupted lines (dotted; dot-dash-dot;
dash-dash;...) ?

To create lines first with a pencil and to use then
the rubber 

gives uneven and so unsatisfactory results.

Thanks for help!



Tobias covers it for painting simple dotted lines all right.

You can also do freehand dashed lines but you will need to map your desired 
dash pattern onto a gradient.  Gradient editor's not entirely easy to use, so 
I've attached a sample gradient file that can produce a simple dashed line for 
you (it alternates the current foreground color between opaque/transparent).  
So using it:

1 - On your painting tool, expand the "Paint Dynamics" option.  Set the "Fade 
length" to a desired value and the fade repeat to "sawtooth" (or "triangular", 
depending on your pattern).
2 - You'll need one adjustable dynamics (not a preset) for the next step, so if 
you don't have one yet, open up the Dynamics dialog list and hit its "New" 
button to create one.  (You'll probably want to do this anyway, go do it.)
3 - Then bring up the Dynamics Editor (e.g. double-click your dynamics entry 
from the list), map "Color" to "Fade".  (Also map "Angle" to "Direction"; it 
makes a difference if the brush is non-round).
4 - Select a brush (round or square will do), set the brush size to your 
desired stroke width and paint away!

Note this method is not technically perfect, but it should be close enough for 
casual use.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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