how can I draw in GIMP freehanded *_curved_*

interrupted lines (dotted; dot-dash-dot; dash-dash;...) ?


I guess you want to draw them "freehanded" as in "just like the paintbrush tool". If you want to do dotted lines (as opposed to dashed ones), you can quite easily use the paintbrushitself. Just open the brushes dialog (ctrl+shift+B or windows->dockable dialogues-> brushes)and select a round,(almost) hard brush. Look at the bottom of the dialogue: there you'll find a slider called 'spacing', set it to somewhere around 200 to 300 (thesofter the brush, the lower the spacing; very soft brushes might only require around 100). Nowyou can just draw with your paintbrush (or pencil) as you're used to and it will give you a nice, evenly dotted line. dashed or dot-dashed lines could also be created with paintbrush and pencil, but would require custom brushes.

Tobias Lunte//Tobl
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