Patrick, ok I've done that now.  It  is here
All the dark trees/shrubs have big white blotches on the print.  Of course,
the problem is only on the print, not on the digital file.
But as I said, when I print it via  odt (OO0 text document) it prints ok.
(But I want gallery quality, so can't just say, well,
ok then, use OO.)

On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 12:04 PM, Patrick Shanahan <>wrote:

> * Helen <> [04-04-13 11:47]:
> > Printing a picture in landscape mode, with GIMP.
> >
> > Picture has lakes, sky, trees, rooftops, mountains, etc.
> >
> > In Gimp, some of the dark trees, and the dark areas of shrubbery around
> > a path, have big open white blotches.  After doing everything I know to
> > do in GIMP, I opened OOo, inserted the pictures into a frame, and
> > printed the picture.
> > The big white spots are missing, and the picture actually looks pretty
> > good.  This tells me (I think) that the problem is not the printer
> > (Epson Styus 1400) or the picture (I flattened it, thinking maybe
> > something about the layers might cause that problem.)
> > In Gimp 2.6, Suse 12,  I'm setting  Image Quality high, Color Precision
> > best, Print Quality high.
> > Oh, and these are not random white spots.  Each print (wasting lots of
> > ink and paper here) has the big white spots in the same places -- the
> > same trees, the same shrubbery, same shapes to the white blotches.
> > Any ideas?
> Not w/o seeing the image, but please do not post it to the list.  Provide
> a place for viewing the image.
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