On 04/04/2013 12:32 PM, Helen wrote:
> Patrick, ok I've done that now.  It  is here 
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/ettervor/8618757171/in/photostream
> All the dark trees/shrubs have big white blotches on the print.  Of
> course, the problem is only on the print, not on the digital file.
> But as I said, when I print it via  odt (OO0 text document) it
> prints ok. (But I want gallery quality, so can't just say, well,
> ok then, use OO.)

If it prints OK via Open Office, there's probably nothing wrong with
the image.  I would be more likely to blame some disconnect in
communication between the GIMP and the printer.

In the long run it might pay to take a close look at the installed
print drivers, and any printer interface software that may be
installed.  But just for immediate results, I would try some
work-arounds.  Export the image as (plain vanilla) TIFF and/or BMP,

-- Check and see if the printer's user interface includes a command
to print photos.  If it does, print the TIFF and/or BMP from there
and see what happens.

-- If the printer does not have the ability to print image files
"all by itself,"  try using Irfanview to print the TIFF and/or BMP.


IMO Irfanview rocks - Microsoft's 'innovations' in image browsing &
viewing are weak imitations of Irfanview.

-- If that don't work, try printing the same TIFF or BMP on a whole
other computer and printer.  (If another printer is not available,
your local copy shop has one...)



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