You could try the curve bend between paths script which was created to correct distortion
from scanning books.  It could work (but not having seen the source images
in question, I can't guarantee it...)

"Quae dissolvi non possunt."

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Thanks Steve

You mean this tool with polygon like looking icon?
I'll try it again... on normal installation (on gimp portable it
crashes everytime).

I've already tried some tools from filters>distort menu in gimp 2.6 -
they are effective to "remove fat" or similar things. But they lack
precision, just as You said.

I need such tool for slightly different purpose:
I have photos of my paintings. Unfortunately some of them are not flat
- paintings are bent or twisted a little. Perspective tool is not
enough - it solve troubles with angle between lens and canvas, but
can't help with bent watercolor.
Photographing this paintings after framing is just too difficult. So i
have to "digitally flatten" them for photography.

I see what edges are bent on photo, so i need to transform it in the
opposite direction without loosing any proportions on the image.
That's why this "wrap tool" in Photoshop give me some hope ... but i
really prefer doing my job with Gimp.

Maybe there is a technique for making bent paintings flat on
photograpy, only i'm not aware how to do it?

Thanks again
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