There's a great plugin called BIMP (Batch Image Manipulation Program) that'll 
let you do that. Once installed, you simply select all the images you want to 
modify, and click the option to export them with a different extension. I'm not 
near my computer at the moment so I can't tell you the exact procedure but it 
should be pretty self explanatory.

Hope I helped!

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On Apr 21, 2013, at 5:58 PM, Anime Dude <> wrote:

> When using command line gimp, is it possible to use *.jpg as the file name to 
> have it process ALL the JPEG files in a folder? I'm really actually 
> interested in a simple file format conversion with no image processing 
> applied, specifically svg2png conversion. I know Gimp can render svg and can 
> save png, and unlike the next best program ImageMagick, the Gimp actually 
> DOES NOT GLITCH the resulting image! So I've got a folder FULL OF SVG FILES, 
> and would like to be able to just type "gimp convert -i *.svg -outputformat 
> png" and have have it AUTOMATICALLY convert all my svg files to png files. Is 
> it possible to do this with such a simple and short command line? I know the 
> above exact example command line doesn't work, cause I tried it. But is there 
> some simillarly simple command line code I could use with gimp to convert svg 
> to png via rendering the svg and then saving the image as a png?
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