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>>It looks to me like it _is_ putting the text along the path, but in 11
>>or 12 lines.  Did you enter newlines/linebreaks in the text editor?
>>If so, get rid of them.
> There are no new lines or breaks.  It is not putting it on the path.  The path
> is a closed loop that outlines the face and head and runs along the bottom of
> the edge.  There are no breaks in the text.  If you look at the paths menu you
> see that a second path has been added.

Sorry - red herring on the linebreaks then.  It is at least attempting
to put the text along the path (see attached*).  The only other thing I
can think to try is to A) either use less text, or B) try expanding
the text editor so that all the text is on one line, or both.

>>You might consider exporting the image and path to Inkscape, and
>>setting the text there.  I've had more luck using Inkscape for text
>>along paths:
> I have seen several recommendations for Inkscape here, but I am a high school
> art teacher trying to teach my students to use GIMP, so an Inkscape solution
> won't help me.  This is so frustrating because this was going to be their 
> first
> assignment where they have to have personal meaning rather than just using 
> their
> interests.

Well, the text along path in GIMP has always been a bit frustrating
for me (since 2.0 days), and I tend to just avoid it now.  And there
is that bug floating around that causes text on a path to cut off
after N characters on some combos of operating system and font.

As a former art student, I see no problem with treating Inkscape as
another source for GIMP compositions - importing a path is much the
same is importing a photo or other resource.  But hey, I'm not the one
having to deal with a classroom either ;)

Maybe just change the requirements of the assignment to just do
something creative with the photo and text, and offer text along path
in Inkscape as a bonus or example?

I'll shut up now - not sure how helpful this is ;)

*attachment was too large, but if you look at the line of text just
outside the path, you can see it does follow the path, and all of the
other lines are just offset from that, if that makes any sense.

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