* Sam Gleske <sam.mxra...@gmail.com> [04-25-13 15:01]:
> Being misinformed does *not* qualify as trolling.   The way Owen came out
> of the gate swinging is what I would consider trolling (stirring up a
> fuss).  I wasn't even involved in the discussion until now and I got pissed
> when I read his comments.  I think the list can do better than that.  I
> don't want our list to end up like the Linux kernel ML where if strict
> rules aren't followed newcomers are harassed to no end.  It's very counter
> productive and a lot of times why I categorically leave communities.
> You'll find it is much harder to expand your developer base if you act
> immature like that.  Have some patience.

Immaturity you manifest by posting html for no *good* reason?  Getting

Grow up!
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