* Henry W. Peters <hwpet...@jamadots.com> [05-12-13 15:48]:
> Thanks all for your replies ON THIS (as far as I know) NEW THREAD (&
> Michael, I am a subscriber).
> It sounds like building 2.8 on Debian Squeeze is a (too) shaky
> proposition... as I do use it with some regularity, I should probably wait
> until the Debian packager & programmers resolve some of the dependency
> issues... (?) But I will persist, somehow/way...
> I should have mentioned earlier, that my only desire is to have a
> stable/workable version of GIMP... I hesitate to uninstall 2.6.1 because of
> POSSIBLE issues regarding removals that might damage my system... namely
> 'gnome-office,' & I am just totally in the dark regarding what that piece of
> software is... but it sounds like something to do w/ the gui of the
> desktop... (advise appreciated here too).
> Henry
> On 05/12/2013 03:14 PM, Dominik Tabisz wrote:
> >Hi
> >Some time ago i tried both compiling Gimp 2.8 on Squeeze, and
> >installing Debian Testing ... to see what's wrong with my attempt to
> >compile Gimp 2.8.
> >
> >To make long thing short - problems with compilation are caused by
> >dependencies of Gimp 2.8 dependencies. At some moment You end up with
> >upgrading gcc and half other system libraries. If only You can install
> >wheezy it should solve most of Your troubles.
> >
> >There is one possible workaround: one user of this mailing list
> >approached similar problem on FreeBSD. Solution was building Gimp and
> >all it's dependencies in jail.
> >This way system was stable and Gimp 2.8 had all needed dependencies inside 
> >jail.
> >Unfortunately i can't remember where this instruction was and whether
> >it can be ported to Debian.
> >
> >Dominik
> >
> >2013/5/12, Chris Mohler<cr33...@gmail.com>:
> >>On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 12:36 PM, Henry W. Peters<hwpet...@jamadots.com>
> >>wrote:
> >>>Does anyone on the list here, have any actual knowledge&  or experience
> >>>building GIMP 2.8x on Linux Debian Squeeze? My current version of GIMP is
> >>>2.6.1.
> >>>
> >>>Some questions I have (for example) are: Do I /really/ have to uninstall
> >>>the
> >>>old version...? Any dependency issues (conflicts, etc.) ? Any way to get
> >>>the
> >>>(newer) dependencies by means of the terminal? Will I be able to actually
> >>>do
> >>>this (i.e.,/ do a working build with this version/)?
> >>I have 2.6 and 2.8 on the a Mint (like Ubuntu/Debian) system.
> >>
> >>There's a build script floating around somewhere, but I can't seem to
> >>find it now (and it required heavy modification, at least for my
> >>system anyway).
> >>
> >>There's this:
> >>http://wiki.gimp.org/index.php/Hacking:Building/Linux
> >>
> >>I think the biggest thing to remember is to remember to prefix
> >>everything with /opt or /home/YOU/gimp/ - ie *not* put it into /usr or
> >>/usr/local/.
> >>
> >>'apt-get build-dep gimp' should bring in several -dev packages you'll
> >>need.  The rest will need to be compiled and installed in /opt or
> >>wherever.
> >>
> >>It's been some months since I went through this - I'm probably
> >>forgetting a few things, but the short answer is yes, you can compile
> >>and install 2.8 without removing 2.6.  There are quite a dew deps to
> >>work through, but keep the additions outside of your system path and
> >>you should be fine.
> >>
> >>HTH,
> >>Chris
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>On 05/12/2013 02:44 PM, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> >>>Please don't hijack threads - your mail will appear two levels deep in
> >>>the thread about changing the PDF file associations for some users.
> >>>
> >>>If you want to start a new topic, please compose a new message to the
> >>>gimp-user-list@gnome.org list mail address (and make sure that you're
> >>>subscribed).
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>-- 
> >>>Thanks,
> >>>Michael
> >

But you have not started a *new* thread but merely changed the subject and
at that not for this post but several previous to this.

You are still "hijacking" the PDF thread

see: http://wahoo.no-ip.org/~pat/HijackedThread.jpg

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