I 'm using GIMP 2.6 and when I wanna resizing a lot of pictures, i use
"david's batch processor" feature.  filter->batch. In the last tab of the
window, you can pick the output file type (I think the *.png is in the
Just try to playing with the feature some while, to get used to with it.

I hope it can help you solving your converting problem.
On Jun 22, 2013 12:24 AM, "Joseph A. Nagy, Jr" <jnagyjr1...@gmail.com>

> Hey All,
> I have about 160-ish images I scanned in as .tif's (my scanner offers
> .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .tif for saving scanned images as) @ 300-dpi. I'd
> like to batch export them all to .xcf (for future working with) and .png (I
> know I could have chose png to start but I thought .tif would be the better
> choice as a first format). Is it possible to do this with a shell-script?
> I'm fairly certain I could concoct something to .tif -> .png using
> ImageMagick (I don't think it supports .xcf) but I'd like to use The GIMP
> for the whole process if possible, and I'd rather not do it by hand. As it
> is I'm going to have to figure out how to batch-rename (well, I know how
> I'm going to do it, a shell script, but how to write it is going to be the
> tough part for me) about 100 if the images to prepend a 0 to the file name
> (I started with a two-digit numbering system not realizing I had so many
> images and would like to keep all the names listing properly on FreeBSD).
> Anyway, I'm just interested in knowing from you guys if such a shell
> export-to-xcf-and-png script is even possible (I really, really do not want
> to do this manually).
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