On 06/21/13 14:26, Pat David wrote:
I'm curious, why the desire to batch-export to .xcf?  You can batch
directly to .png and/or leave the .tif as they are, and allow GIMP to
import them when you want to work on them (and _then_ save to .xcf as
you work).

I only saved to tif because I used the printer software's scan function which only offered bmp, jpg, tif, and png as out-put options. I felt tif would be 'good enough' until I could get them set up on my laptop (my wife's computer doesn't have The GIMP, space is at a premium on her machine atm and just no room or justification for a program she won't use). Once I have them in xcf, the tif's will go away. Maybe. I dunno. It sounded like a good idea at 2:30 this morning.

*walks away for more coffee*

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