Hello everyone another fan of GIMP here!

As you know gimp is an awesome program made mainly by passionate volunteers  and
it is open source and completely free.

...Unfortunately that also means that it doesn't get the funding other similar 
"bussiness" projects do. For instance Photoshop, corel painter or paint tool sai
to name a few.

While it's great the fact that this proyect is supported by donations and by the
free work of the developers. I assume that they have other comitments to earn a

I think We all could help (via kickstarter) to fund a "big" jump on this program
Mainly buying more manpower and/or whatever resources the developers might need
to get a lot of improvements in a sh0rter amount of time or even pay the
developers to have them in this proyect longer.

Donations as of now tend to be random and aimless. With a kickstater The GIMP
team could easily get 1 million dollars (or maybe even more)  though donations.
If the people know that they are getting a product they love much faster.

What do you think?

FallenLegend (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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