On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 8:59 PM, Dominik Tabisz wrote:
> Michael You're right in term of changing something in GIMP as a program 
> itself.
> Not sure how open is this place for users
> (i don't mean how patient are You in case of next flamewar like
> save/export. It's rather how open would You be to questions like: what
> can be done to use GIMP for imposition)

Imposition? You mean like n-up printing? Why would you do that with GIMP?

> What about changing/writing plugins for some special purposes? Is it
> matter for gimp-developer mailing list, or maybe there is already some
> kind of market for such services, or maybe we need such place?

My impression is that it sounds a bit like "Let's fund anything,
anything via Kickstarter!" :) Please let's not try to treat
crowdfunding as a silver bullet.

The general idea is that the core team already has jobs they like. A
crowdfunding effort is possible for other contributors and, in fact,
there was a semi-successful case with new samplers in GEGL

Again, as Michael stated, this should be discussed on the mailing list
for developers.

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