On 13-08-03 05:57 AM, Josef Wolf wrote:
I know python and I know scheme (and a lot of other languages, if that
matters). Granted, I don't know the scheme dialect used by gimp. I'd
rather use any lisp dialect in favour of python. I started to learn
python, but I broke, since I just can't get used to python's lambda's.
Due to the indentation syntax, defining lambda's seems to be very
ambiguous to me.

If you know Scheme then you know the Scheme of Script-Fu. The TinyScheme
interpreter used in Script-Fu follows the official Scheme standard as
documented in the R5RS but it is not a full implementation of R5RS.

I finally started learning to work with Python by writing a new GUI for
avrdude using wxGlade and wxPython. I don't find using indentation in Python
to be much of a problem (so far) but doing the GUI doesn't use much of
Python. I might have more issues with it when I do something more
complicated. The general rule seems to be that you indent anywhere you would
have used { } if one was writing in C.

What about perl? how stable are perl's bindings to gimp?

They are so stable you could measure the dust that has settled on the
bindings in inches. ;)

The gimp-perl binding is in need of a lot of TLC. It really needs a complete
overhaul. It has not been kept up-to-date with changes in GIMP. I have too
many other projects on my plate so I haven't touched the Perl binding in a
long time.

Isn't script-fu the _primary_ scripting language for gimp? How comes
that python, which is working on top of the primary language can be more
 reliable than the primary language?

Script-Fu has been part of GIMP for many years. Whatever operating system
you are running when you use GIMP, Script-Fu is there. Other bindings, such as Python, rely on external programs or packages (e.g. a Python interpreter). Some operating systems ship with Python already installed and some do not (or have not in the past). That has been addressed in some cases by the GIMP installer including the option to install Python if a user needs it.

The Python, Perl, and Ruby language bindings (to name three bindings) do not operate on top of Script-Fu. They are completely independent of Script-Fu. Any language binding can still invoke a procedure supplied as part of Script-Fu if desired.

Maybe my best bet would be cl-magick? Unfortunately, all the links on
http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-magick/ seem to be dead :-(

The top two links from a simple search using Google returned:



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