On 08/08/2013 03:47 PM, maderios wrote:
This positive proposal could end the eternal discussion "save vs.
export", etc ....
Developers could offer two versions of Gimp:
- One version for amateurs with the gimp 2.8 behavior
- One version for professionals with the gimp 2.6 behavior that allows
to save files quickly and normally just like most free or commercial
editors images.
This would allow everyone to be satisfied

I'm just a user, and do not speak for anybody other than myself, but...

Your approach would mean maintaining *two* different programs which would continue to diverge over time. I very much doubt that "the developers" have the energy to do that -- sometimes it seems that they don't have enough energy to do all that they would like with just one version.

It seems to me that "the developer's" point of view is that amateurs should use a simpler program and not use Gimp at all.

This is open-source software. You are welcome to become a developer, fork the project, and do all this yourself or you can build a team to do it. Or you can hire people to do it for you. But asking the developers -- all volunteers -- to increase their workload (the divergence would keep widening over time) is not how things work in open-source software as I understand it.

If my vote counted (which it does not because I am not in the "target user group"), I would vote against this export requirement also. However, I know better than to waste more energy on the subject.

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