On  08.08.2013 at 10:00 P.M., Jay Smith wrote:
This is open-source software.  You are welcome to become a developer,
fork the project, and do all this yourself or you can build a team to do
it.  Or you can hire people to do it for you.  But asking the developers
-- all volunteers -- to increase their workload (the divergence would
keep widening over time) is not how things work in open-source software
as I understand it.
+1. You hit the nail right on the head - we're mostly volunteers,
doing it in our limited spare time. And the one who is working by
profession on GIMP has AFAIK been overloaded for years.

However, I know better than to waste more energy on the subject.

Let's not forget: GIMP has a plug-in architecture. This means you
can remove and add plug-ins to make GIMP fit your needs and personal
The plug-in registry* has a bunch of plug-ins and there are projects
like FX-Foundry* or G'Mic*. And in the whole, long discussion on
the Save./.Export-behaviour some plug-ins were mentioned to solve this
problem for the users who don't like or can't stay with the new
behaviour. From this point of view I don't think we need many separate versions.

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*plug-in registry: http://registry.gimp.org/
*FX-Foundry: http://gimpfx-foundry.sourceforge.net/
*G'Mic: http://gmic.sourceforge.net/gimp.shtml
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