On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 2:11 PM, maderios wrote:

>>> Developers could offer two versions of Gimp:
>>> - One version for amateurs with the gimp 2.8 behavior
>>> - One version for professionals with the gimp 2.6 behavior that allows to
>>> save files quickly and normally just like most free or commercial editors
>>> images.
>>> This would allow everyone to be satisfied
>> Except for developers who would have to maintain two versions. But who
>> cares about them, eh?
> I think that both versions would not be very different, thus coding and
> maintenance would be small. Another solution would consist in keeping single
> Gimp but in proposing two possible configurations. Even approach  as for
> both interfaces.

I realize it might sound arrogant, but do you understand the meaning
of the word "no"?

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