>El 21/08/2013 13:09, "pitibonom" <for...@gimpusers.com> escribi:
>Maybe you could implement a script to do the following:
>- Border selection with a width of 1 pixel.
>- Copy.
>- Paste as new layer.
>- Scale this new layer to be one pixel bigger.
>- Paste as new layer, scale to be two pixels bigger.
>- Paste as new layer, scale to be three pixels bigger.
>- ... Repeat as many times as needed.
>- Flatten the image or combine layers.
>Not sure if that is something similar to what you want to do, but it
>be curious to see how it looks like :).

oh so as a basic function, or event with a plugin, this thingie do not exist ?
That's what i was wondering, as it's something that can be done in PS.
OK for the script. Unfortunately i'm absolutely not able to code a plugin for
gimp, not knowing how it's done and
lacking of knowledge on the 'how to'.
Nevertheless, koko, i think you principle works from the center of the picture.
A selection on the upper rightmost half of the pic would not give the expected
result. Your idea would look like the zoom blur wich is done from the image
center as blur center ( i think ). But it should work with taking each selection
island center ant iterate zoom blur through them....

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