Can you please say the same again, in a few readable sentences?

What is broken/missing?

On Thu, 2013-08-29 at 23:26 +0200, PSCS5ImagerConvert wrote:
> GIMP: Opacity Access Obscurity                                                
> I. Would-be Satisfied User Question                                           
> &                                                                             
> II. System Feature Access Change Request | Recommendation, for GIMP SMEs and
> Online Enthusiasts' Forum:
> Maddening | Urgent Help Request:                                              
> I. Apparent is no navigational work-around for a lost, deleted (or simply no
> included/provided) Layer Opacity access feature ... at least in my version of
> GIMP v. 2.8.6; ie, I cannot locate among the application's Primary tabs any
> tab/sub-tab/path/palette link/hot button/menu/sub-menu/relevant-other-tab/data
> entry field prompt | window/mini-portal, to a much desired
> {ASIDE 1 of 2: albeit often one such Layer Opacity tool is readily referenced 
> in
> several of the extant online tutorials .... as a "given", and it is, too, 
> often
> depicted, replete with a supporting screenshot, no less: so the feature must
> exist .... perhaps commanded by hidden access privilege(s) somehow, somewhere
> within GIMP ... for some users, at least ;-)}:
> GIMP | GUI & Other Layer Opacity Access Priority Change Recommendations:      
> Primary Layer tab's, anticipated, Layer Opacity tool/option
> tab/sub-tab/path/palette link/hot button/menu/sub-menu/relevant-other-tab/data
> entry field prompt | window/mini-portal or the like access point(s) is not
> found.
> Its (such a Layer Opacity tool/option's form-factor would be manifest 
> typically
> as an Opacity Glider aka a selectable |adjustable progress bar; nor, for that
> matter, is there evidence of any semblance of a percentage (%) transparency
> scroll bar nor an expectable like prompt data-entry field, of any description,
> which conceivably would execute a "layer's desired fade user-specification
> (opacity)" aka a amiss is any Layer Opacity adjustment tool (if such does in
> fact already exist) access point(s), whatsoever.
> Despite CIRCULAR narratives communicated on this, GIMP's official site, and
> among the posts of those others created by or in service to | contributed to 
> by
> GIMP enthusiasts, there exists no CLEAR nor MEANINGFUL ADDRESS as to how one
> MAKES APPARENT aka would ACCESS ie, access point(s) for Layer Opacity: neither
> by mouse clicking nor by eg, shortcut keys entry navigation/specification, for
> such a Layer Opacity tool access point(s).
> II. Again, when no such tab/sub-tab/path/palette link/hot
> button/menu/sub-menu/relevant-other-tab/data entry field prompt |
> window/mini-portal can be readily found to exist among one -- and ideally in
> more than one -- access point and by more than one navigational path -- GIMP's
> version (again, v. 2.8.6) is rendered effectively useless for layered imagery
> work; user satisfaction spirals downward rapidly after a work-around search --
> proves counter-intuitive ie, poor anticipatory GUI provisioning, or within the
> application ie, its Help and/or its User Guide index, and/or among online 
> forums
> -- exceeds 5, 10, 30, 60, 120 minutes.
> FIASCO is what that scenario spells: Why could GIMP's SMEs have failed on such
> an imperative SDLC GUI, indexing and easy-access multi-cross-referencing
> point(s) objective for this version's release?
> And what, if any, work-around, for Layer Opacity tool access point(s) within 
> the
> application, for selection of a layer(s) desired opacity display aka fade 
> level,
> would be advised, if, in fact, said does exist as a viable tool (just not 
> easily
> nor readily accessed) within GIMP 2.8.6? Why the Layer Opacity access point(s)
> convolution?
> Welcomed would be directions as to any navigation(al) path for said Layer
> Opacity tool access point(s). NONE is (access point) | are (access points)
> currently apparent under GIMP's 2.8.6 banner | top-level ribbon | panel of
> Primary Tabs, nor is such evident within its sub-tabs nor User Guide's Index 
> nor
> tutorials nor blogosphere.
> {ASIDE 2 of 2: in fact, Layer Opacity should appear in, so addressed, in both
> the very beginning of the User Guide, and then latter in the specific Layers
> section .... but in a more detailed explication, within the latter] nor those
> tabs' secondary tabs, nor, for that matter under any tertiary-level tabs.
> Primary Tabs, namely, Tools, Layer, View nor any their "cross-linked sub-tabs"
> to other tab/sub-tab/path/palette link/hot
> button/menu/sub-menu/relevant-other-tab/data entry field prompt |
> window/mini-portal | option(s) | location(s) avails a sort of Layer Opacity
> Adjustment tool, whatsoever.}
> Lack of any easy-access point(s) aka obscure Layer Opacity (eg, a % glider)
> tool(s) blemishes one's entire would-be GIMP user-experience. Address of said
> shortcomings is URGENTLY needed, as recommended.
> Again the question persists: "Is there a reset button (virtual) and/or Command
> Key Combo and/or some other keystroke Shortcut Key combo, for immediate access
> point(s) for Layer Opacity specification?
> If so, kindly direct me as to its access procedure: again, I am attempting to
> use GIMP v. 2.8.6.
> I recall vividly, from years ago, that upon my initial GIMP v. 2.6 trial, in
> fact, readily apparent were an array of access points | paths for/to GIMP's
> Layer Opacity tool | dialogue field(s). Among that tool's access options was a
> sub-tab option under Primary Layer Tab, which could also be accessed from 
> Tools
> Tab's sub-tabs, as well as comforting was the fact that said automatically
> appeared as an option palette in Toolbox's adjustable-size tool-box | 
> "floating
> icon" column. Several online forum contributors mention that | similar
> functionality for v 2.6.
> Where and how do I access | activate Layer Opacity tool: either % glider 
> and/or
> keystroke entry of desired layer % fade render; unable to find said.
> One would think that GIMP management/development/administrative SMEs OUGHT TO
> seriously consider my GUI Change Requests, and answer my queries,  SINCE Layer
> Opacity is a PRIMARY aka FUNDAMENTAL image manipulation requisite ... and
> OBSCURE ACCESS POINT(s) [anything other than, at least, immediate sub-tab 
> access
> from the Primary Layer Tab and the Tools Tab seems counter-intuitive, poor GUI
> and an utterly ridiculous would-be user nuisance] simply do not make the grade
> with would-be user communities.
> Additionally, the '"clouded Layer Option access point(s)", detailed above,
> pervades all current relevant online instruction content; that would-be
> educational GIMP instructional content, for Layer Opacity access point(s)
> navigation is amiss; that dearth of plain language information/directions 
> bodes
> dark days for GIMP's prospects at garnering new users or retaining user
> allegiance.
> Currently, online (anywhere) goes wanting for a clear, concise and expedient
> answer | directive ........... such goes begging; and, that multi-faceted 
> matter
> bespeaks serious, if not utterly fatal GIMP application, GUI and User Guide
> design flaws. Shortcomings of that significance likely silently and
> unrelentingly go unaddressed, overlooked and/or "lightly dismissed", which,
> unwittingly, turns off legions of would-be eager converts to GIMP from other
> imaging software.
> Do what you can to remedy those flaws, and kindly advise, ASAP.
> Thank you for your replies to my Layer Opacity access point(s) information
> request."

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