On 09/02/13 13:32, Judy Wilson wrote:
> First, let me say how much I have appreciated the help I've gotten
> throughout the years from this list! I'm a 70 year old woman living
> in Belize, my husband and I do websites (he's the programmer), I love
> the graphic aspect, though he's good at that, too. We have been
> open-source users and supporters for over 10 years, sponsored
> Software Freedom Day in Belize in 2006 and 2007. We use Ubuntu, GIMP,
> and Inkscape applications, he uses all kinds of programming
> languages, of course. Kudos to everyone contributing to this list and
> the open source movement.
> My question: I would like to put a "watermark" of my logo on images,
> and I can do so with the Map, Bump Map Filter. However, the location
> of the bump map is a problem. At 0 on the X and Y Offset sliders, it
> goes into the upper left hand corner. OK. The problem is the sliders
> only move to -1000, and my images are often larger than that, and I
> want to put the bump map into the lower right hand corner, and the
> sliders will not allow that. Typing in the numbers doesn't work, and
> moving the bump map in the preview with the middle mouse button
> doesn't work. Of course if I make the images smaller I can get it
> into the right hand lower corner, but I want to use the larger image.
> Any solution for this, or do I have to just live with this ...
> defect(?) for now. Thank you!

I can't address the bump map issue, but I've attached a script I
recently wrote to add a watermark to an image in the lower right corner.  
I'm sure others have done similar things long ago but I've found it 
useful; it can be used in batch mode or via the ui.  Just stick it in 
your .gimp-2.8/scripts folder.  It will appear under "garya" on the main 
menu bar; you probably will want to change that label :-) and the
default watermark file name/location.


; Script-fu (Scheme) script to add a watermark signature to an image
; Some constant names for debugging
;   UTF-8 encoding=0; filename encoding=1

; Scale an image relative to another image
; Main application is for insertion of watermark
;   I like copyright text to be 2% to 3% height of image
; Arguments:
;   imgToScale       The image to be scaled
;   img              The image relative to which imgToScale is to be scaled
;   scaleFactor      per cent of img height of the final scaled image
; Returns: the scaled image
; Scale factor is expressed as a percent of the "parent" image's size

(define (scale-relative imgToScale img scaleFactor)
; (display "scale-relative:\n")
; (display (string-append "  scaleFactor:" (number->string scaleFactor) "\n"))
  (let* (
    (scaledLayer 0)                                       ; the layer to be 
    (layer 0)                                             ; the layer to 

    ; attributes and drawables from the original image
;    (imgLayer (car (gimp-image-get-active-layer img)))    ; layer from the 
original image
    (imgHt (car (gimp-image-height img)))                 ; primary image height
    (imgWid (car (gimp-image-width img)))                 ; primary image width
    (imgToScaleWid (car (gimp-image-width imgToScale)))   ; width of image to 
be scaled 
    (imgToScaleHt (car (gimp-image-height imgToScale)))   ; height of image to 
be scaled 

    ; variables needed for scaling
    (scaledHt 0)                                          ; scale image height
    (scaledWid 0)                                         ; scale image width
    (resultScaleFactor 0)                                 ; scale factor for 
layer to scale


    ; Compute scaled size
    ; Always scale relative to height
    ;   scaledHeight = imageHeight * scaleFactor / 100
    ;   scaleFactor = scaledHeight / imageToScaleHeight

    (set! scaledHt (/ (* imgHt scaleFactor) 100))
; (display (string-append "  imgToScaleHt:" (number->string imgToScaleHt) "\n"))
; (display (string-append "  scaledHt:" (number->string scaledHt) "\n"))
    (set! resultScaleFactor (/ scaledHt imgToScaleHt))
; (display (string-append "  resultScaleFactor:" (number->string 
resultScaleFactor) "\n"))
    (set! scaledWid (* imgToScaleWid resultScaleFactor))
; (display (string-append "  imgToScaleWid:" (number->string imgToScaleWid) 
; (display (string-append "  scaledWid:" (number->string scaledWid) "\n"))

    ; set to the best interpolation we can do and scale the image
    (gimp-context-set-interpolation 3)                        ; set the 
interpolation method to use
    (gimp-image-scale imgToScale scaledWid scaledHt)           ; scale the image

 (display "  scaledImage:") (print imgToScale)
    imgToScale                                                ; force the 
return value

; Add watermark to an image
;   Arguments:
;             Name of file to process (xxx.tif, etc)
;     Image to which watermark will be added
;     Drawable, unused
;     Name of file containing watermark (xxx.png, etc)
;     Relative height (per cent) of watermark to original image
;     Opacity of watermark

(define (add-watermark orgImg drw watermarkFileName relHt opacity)
; (display "\nadd-watermark\n")
; (display (string-append "  fileName=\"" fileName "\"\n"))
; (display (string-append "  watermarkFileName=\"" watermarkFileName "\"\n"))
; (display (string-append "  relHt=\"" (number->string relHt) "\"\n"))
; (display (string-append "  opacity=\"" (number->string opacity) "\"\n"))
  (let* (
;      (orgImg 0)                                            ; original image
      (watermarkImg 0)                                      ; watermark image
      (layer 0)                                             ; the layer to 
;      (multiplier (/ opacity 100))                          ; opacity as a 
decimal multiplier
      (xOff (car (gimp-image-width orgImg)))                ; x offset for 
added watermark
      (yOff (car (gimp-image-height orgImg)))               ; y offset for 
added watermark

    ; open the image and the watermark

;    (set! orgImg (car (file-tiff-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE fileName fileName)))  
; load the original image
    (set! watermarkImg (car (file-png-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE watermarkFileName 
watermarkFileName)))  ; load the watermark image

    ; establish relative height for added image
    (if (equal? relHt "")
      (set! relHt "2")

    (gimp-image-undo-group-start orgImg)

    ; scale the watermark image
; (display "watermarkImg:") (print watermarkImg)
; (display (string-append "  ht:" (number->string (car (gimp-image-height 
watermarkImg))) "\n"))
    (scale-relative watermarkImg orgImg relHt)
; (display (string-append "  ht:" (number->string (car (gimp-image-height 
watermarkImg))) "\n"))

    ; set the opacity of the scaled image
    ; Note!  0 <= opacity <= 100, NOT 0 <= opacity <= 1 as noted in the 
function definition
    (set! layer (car (gimp-image-get-active-layer watermarkImg)))     ; get the 
layer (drawable) to modify
; (display "layers:") (print layer)
; (display (string-append "  multiplier:" (number->string multiplier) "\n"))
    (gimp-layer-set-opacity layer opacity)

    ; add the scaled image to the main image
    (set! layer (car (gimp-layer-new-from-drawable layer orgImg)))
; (display "layer:") (print layer)
    (gimp-image-insert-layer orgImg layer 0 0)
    (gimp-layer-set-name layer "Copyright")

    ; position the scaled image in the lower right corner of the main image
; (display (string-append "xOff:" (number->string xOff)))
    (set! xOff (- xOff (car (gimp-drawable-width layer))))
; (display (string-append "  xOff:" (number->string xOff)))
    (set! yOff (- yOff (car (gimp-drawable-height layer))))
; (display (string-append "  yOff:" (number->string yOff)))
    (gimp-layer-set-offsets layer xOff yOff);

    (gimp-image-delete watermarkImg)                ; get rid of the original 
watermark image

    (gimp-image-undo-group-end orgImg)


; Need to save the modified image
;    (gimp-image-delete orgImg)                     ; get rid of the original 

; Register add-watermark
; NOTE!!!  The script-fu browser will show an additional argument, SF-MODE, 
which it automatically
; adds and removes in some crazy way.
; It appears to only be of significance when calling a non-script-fu procedure 
from a script-fu,
; or vice-versa, and its purpose is to indicate whether or not the argument 
dialog box should be displayed.
; So basically, for my purposes, it is of no significance whatsoever.
;  SF-MODE     "Mode"    "RUN-INTERACTIVE"    ; First arg is run mode
; NOTE!!!  It also appears there is no way to use this procedure both 
interactively and non-interactively,
; because of the need to specify the name of the input file for non-interactive 
; So note the additional procedure, batch-add-watermark

  "add-watermark"               ; function name
  "Add Watermark..."             ; menu label
  "Adds a scaled, partially transparent image to an image"
  "Gary Aitken"                                  ; author
  "Copyright 2013, Gary Aitken"                  ; copyright notice
  "2013-08-28 v 0.1"                             ; date created
  ""                                             ; image type the script works 
  SF-IMAGE        "Image" 0                   ; image to which watermark will 
be added
  SF-DRAWABLE     "Drawable" 0                ; unused
  SF-STRING      "Added image file"    "/home/garya/Photos/Copyright.png"     ; 
file containing image to add
;  SF-VALUE      "Relative (percent) height of added image"    "5"     ; height 
of scaled image as a percent of main image height
  SF-ADJUSTMENT  "Relative (percent) height of added image"    '(3 1 100 1 10 1 
0)     ; height of scaled image as a percent of main image height
  SF-ADJUSTMENT   "Opacity of added image"    '(50 1 100 1 10 1 0)     ; 
Opacity of scaled image 

; "<Image>/garya" puts a top level menu item of "garya" on the menu bar for the 
image window

(script-fu-menu-register "add-watermark" "<Image>/garya")

; (add-watermark 
 "/home/garya/Photos/Copyright.png" 2 70)

; add-watermark script for use from batch mode
(define (batch-add-watermark inFileName watermarkFileName outFileName relHt 
  (let* (
      (orgImg (car (gimp-file-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE inFileName inFileName)))
      (drw (car (gimp-image-get-active-layer orgImg)))
    (add-watermark orgImg drw watermarkFileName relHt opacity)
    (gimp-file-save RUN-NONINTERACTIVE orgImg drw outFileName outFileName)
    (gimp-image-delete orgImg)

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