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> My question: I would like to put a "watermark" of my logo on images,
> and I can do so with the Map, Bump Map Filter. However, the location
> of the bump map is a problem. At 0 on the X and Y Offset sliders, it
> goes into the upper left hand corner. OK. The problem is the sliders
> only move to -1000, and my images are often larger than that, and I
> want to put the bump map into the lower right hand corner, and the
> sliders will not allow that. Typing in the numbers doesn't work, and
> moving the bump map in the preview with the middle mouse button
> doesn't work. Of course if I make the images smaller I can get it into
> the right hand lower corner, but I want to use the larger image. Any
> solution for this, or do I have to just live with this ... defect(?)
> for now. Thank you!

I added https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=707354 (I can't
imagine such an arbitrary maximum is intentional?)

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