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> * Old_Seafarer <for...@gimpusers.com> [09-08-13 19:44]:
>  [...] 
> > I truly appreciate all the GIMP team has done but, respectfully, if it's
> > going to be offered in a Windows version, please assume Windows users,
> > not Linux enthusiasists, are going to be the ones using it and write
> > your manuals and tutorials to that audience.
> Remember, several individuals have taken it upon themselves to compile
> gimp for windows/mac.

The recent Windows installers include Python.
Thus installing a python plugin may be much easier on this platform than on 
some Linux flavors :)
At least if the Linux users does not know about the package management for 
their distro.

P.S. to all the "how to install scripts/plug-ins/brushes" tutorial authors out 
please do not include paths directly into your tutorials, but tell users 
where and how to find those in GIMP's preferences. Thanks.


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