I support this idea but I don't think we should limit ourselves to this feature.
All the long term goals the team has could easily be solved with hiring more

I am all for more features specifically for painters :)
>Lately several people have asked why we won't do crowdfunding for
>GIMP. The general position of GIMP developers towards this proposition
>is that the core developers usually have "day jobs", thus won't raise
>money this way.
>Well I am one of them and I don't have a day job right now, thus I
>have decided to give it a try.
>During the Libre Graphics Meeting in Madrid, the painter who was with
>me tried the mirror mode during Krita workshop. And I thought it would
>be a nice addition to the GIMP. Apparently I am not alone because I
>see regularly messages asking for it.
>So I started a test implementation to see how it would go. And it
>works well. See the demo: http://youtu.be/osSiETyae5c
>But now if I want it in GIMP, this is where it will really take time,
>to make a nice and clean implementation and a well-thought internal
>design.  So I start a crowdfunding initiative.
>Have a look there with all the explanation:
>And if you like it, please fund me and spread the word:

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