Hello there!

You make some great points as of now I just posted on deviantart to promote your
crowdfunding and also contacted gizmodo spain/usa and UK  to see if they are
willing to help spread the word!.I will do my best.

Keep in mind though that "open funding" is not as popular as let's say
lifehacker is so it might hurt earnings a bit. But I am hopeful that you will be

I was all for a "big do all proyect"  as people are more willing to give money
for those ( I have seen proyects collecting millions for those. But I think that
your approach of testing the waters first is completely justifiable.

I will try to contact other news networks and forums to spread the word 

You have all my support  and good luck!.

>About this, my first idea was that I saw many crowdfunding which were
>a "do-all" kind of funding, but in the end, after huge successful
>funding, well people would still wait for real news or advancement in
>the software 1 or 2 years later.
>I have nothing against big do-all projects, and I think that's a good
>thing to do too, but I would love more user control, not just a "I
>take all your money and leave" kind of campaign from some team.
>I think making 1 feature at a time is already a nice start to do
>things where users can actually see what happens and control. I will
>consider a bigger project if this one succeeds.
>There is no "personal" in GIMP. Nobody is employed by GIMP right now.
>And actually GIMP is not even an official structure. The only official
>entity which supports GIMP is the GNOME foundation, but I feel they
>act more as a proxy for all official matters (donations, events,
>volunteer reimbursements, website and bug tracking infrastructure...).
>GIMP is far from the only project under their protection, and probably
>far from the priority. We are all "volunteers" here, for the time
>I don't say that could never happen. And seriously I would love to be
>this one guy paid full-time to work on GIMP and do all the nitty
>features everyone wants. Nevertheles if really people want this, well
>a good way to prove it is to actually fund these kind of features!
>Because everyone sees these also as a test to see if crowdfunding
>would really work for bigger projects. I mean right now, people say
>so, but in reality, there has been nearly no funding for my simple and
>small proposal so far. How can we trust that if we make a big
>proposal, people would pay for it, or we would just waste more time?
>Note also that even if I make a huge do-them-all proposal, I would
>still have to work on things on a one-per-one basis (because I still
>have only a single brain, however how much money is paid! :p), so that
>would not change that much.
>In any case, if ever my crowdfunding works, I will consider make some
>bigger plan proposal for a next crowdfunding, and see if t is possible
>to get backed up officially by the rest of the GIMP team and GNOME
>(maybe I would even be happy to sign a contract with the GNOME
>foundation to be an official community-employee, so that we ensure the
>money is well used). But right now, there is still to be seen if
>people really want to pay for it, or just say they would and wait for
>the neighbour to do so.
>Good so I hope you are for this feature and would pay for it! :p
>Thanks for the interest anyway!

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