>>If I hover my mouse above a certain segments holding Control, some
>>will allow to add a node, while other segments won't. This also effects
>>deleting line segments.
> Weird.


>>Now that I think about it I have the last instance on video from a
>>I made. It's kinda perfect since I have it showing my key-presses as well. 
>>6:35 to around 8:30 is the problem. I also realized that this also was a
>>copied and pasted path.
> Really weird. I cannot reproduce this here though. *shrug*
> Where did you copy/paste the path from? Inkscape?

Earlier the video you can see that I copied it from another gimp drawing.

> Ok, I think what you're seeing there is expected behaviour. The problem
> is, that when you move two tangents closely together (i.e. you have a very
> sharp corner) the end point of the stroke moves towards infinity, i.e.
> you need to cap this at some point. The parameter controlling this is
> the mitre limit. We use cairo for rendering and the behaviour is
> described as follows in the cairo documentation:
>     If the current line join style is set to CAIRO_LINE_JOIN_MITER (see
>     cairo_set_line_join()), the miter limit is used to determine whether
>     the lines should be joined with a bevel instead of a miter. Cairo
>     divides the length of the miter by the line width. If the result is
>     greater than the miter limit, the style is converted to a bevel.
>     [...]
>     The default miter limit value is 10.0, which will convert joins with
>     interior angles less than 11 degrees to bevels instead of miters.
>     For reference, a miter limit of 2.0 makes the miter cutoff at 60
>     degrees, and a miter limit of 1.414 makes the cutoff at 90 degrees.
>     A miter limit for a desired angle can be computed as: miter limit =
>     1/sin(angle/2)
> There is no way to completely disable the miter limit, but maybe the
> range of the limit in the UI is not sufficient.
> I hope this helps,
>         Simon

I will play around with the mitre limit some more and see what I can come up
with. Thanks for the tips.

Simon Budig wrote
> Akovia (

> akovia1@

> ) wrote:
>> Simon Budig wrote
>> > akovia (

> akovia1@

> ) wrote:
>> >> 2. Node selection precision.
>> > 
>> > No idea about that one. I don't think I've seen that.
>> Ok I just ran into this. This isn't a worst case as sometimes the move
>> icon
>> is even further away than this.
>> It does appear to be affected by the zoom level which I never noticed
>> before. I usually zoom in further which normally fixes things, but this
>> time
>> I noticed that zooming out can also recalibrate the mouse pointer.
>> Maybe this will help.
>> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93550827/temp/Gimp%20Node%20Precision.mkv
> I strongly suspect that in this case the behaviour is caused by the
> guides. The "hot spot" of the mouse cursor is dragged towards the guide
> (within the snapping distance) and hence the click does not happen at
> the anchor.
> Not sure if this is fixable, since placing new points along a guide is a
> desireable behaviour as well.
> Try to disable snapping.
> Bye,
>         Simon

That just might be possible. It never occurred to me since there is no
visible snapping of the mouse. I will check that for sure the next time it
happens and report back. I really hope that's it. 

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