Simon Budig wrote
> Akovia (

> akovia1@

> ) wrote:
>> If I hover my mouse above a certain segments holding Control, some
>> segments
>> will allow to add a node, while other segments won't. This also effects
>> deleting line segments.
> Hmm. Is this usually happening when having a huge zoom level?

Not really. Like I said, sometimes I can "walk" the path and find where I
can insert or delete as normal. I do this at the same zoom level. It's like
the path got corrupted and I have to delete the corrupted part of the path
and rebuild it, then everything works fine again.

Simon Budig wrote
> There is a funky problem there: for determining the closest point along
> a bezier the bezier segment is approximated by line segments to a
> certain precision. The precision used does not take the zoom level into
> account. This is usually no problem, since it is < 1 pixel and "close
> enough" for the usual zoom levels.
> However there are corner cases in huge zoom levels, where the
> (invisible) line approximation is off by a significant fraction of a
> pixel, so that the net result is an active area disconnected from the
> drawn bezier segment. You can verify this by searching on the "inside"
> of the curved bezier segment for an active area.
> I'd consider this a bug that might have been introduced when we
> introduced cairo-based rendering for the tool graphics (earlier the
> drawn path used the same line approximation as the detection code).
> Probably a bit tricky to fix...
> Bye,
>         Simon

I'm wondering if my clipboard manager isn't screwing things up. I discovered
a problem within inkscape that is apparently affected by it and everything
works as it should when I turn it off.
Can you discern anything from this bug report that might affect gimp as

I will try disabling my clipman next time and repeat the copy+paste to see
what happens.

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