>I was able to install on my 13.0 Ubuntu, and it worked great for a
>couple of hours, was quite snappy, too!
>However, shortly thereafter, Gimp began refusing to open newly created
>16 bit tiff files (see my post earlier re: Gimp 2.9.1 Plug-in crashed:
>Are you able to offer any clues behind this error message?  Why would
>it have worked for a while, then stop working, and why do those files
>with which I had success continue to open, but new files not? 

I'm just the packager not the developer. But I think all those things are
subject to change. It's just a development snapshot.

>Great work though, thanks.  Loved it while I had it.

No problem at all.


Otto or Thorsten;-)

otto06217 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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