>Yeah, it only fixed it for me for about a week.  I checked and neither
>update had been reapplied, so I don't know why it broke again.  Until
>your reply, I hadn't heard of anyone else with this problem.  I've
>actually learned some tricks to get around some of the issues, like
>clicking on UI elements and then pressing the space bar to activate
>them (what clicking was supposed to do in the first place).  And
>reordering layers can be done through the Layers menu.  I do most of
>my work on another computer now that doesn't have this issue though.

Thx for your quick reply.

Yes I also found some shortcut to manipulate layer but now I'm stuck. I have to
manipulate a lot of layer and I would like to store some of them in different
layer groups but it's seems there is no possibility to move them in a group
without drag-and-drop :(

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