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>> Hmmm.... ok well tell us if this reappears. And if you can find any
>> specific reproduction procedure or hint at how to make it fail would
>> help. But right now, I have no idea.

> Well, the issues returned today, and I was able to capture them on video:

> After capturing the video, just before submitting this reply, I noticed that
> everything was working again.  I hadn't even closed GIMP.  It was the same
> session that I used to capture the video of the issues.  Dragging layers,
> reordering tabs, clicking tools, all are working again.

We've got two bug reports with these symptoms:


That one has originated from forums threads on gimpwerkstatt.de and
gimpforum.de. It may be Windows 8-specific, and some of the research
suggests that it could be related to some driver (as it doesn't happen
in safe mode). No real cause has been determined yet, though.


There isn't much information there yet. The mention of a problem with
similar symptoms on an "old computer" could mean that this is is a
different bug, or that the problem is not limited to the most recent
Windows versions.

No fixes are available yet, although the bug reports mention some
workarounds. Maybe one of the workarounds will help to narrow down the
cause, too.

There have been reports about an influence of screen recording and
capture applications Camtasia and SnagIt, maybe because they intercept
windowing or mouse events. I have asked the affected users to contact
that vendor (TechSmith in both cases) and make them aware of the
problem, but I've not seen any feedback so far.

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