>Hi all,
>Does it happen even after restarting GIMP? Or that's working at first,
>then at some point the drag and drop stops working, but when you
>restart, it works again?
>And also could you try later GIMP version?
>You can get GIMP 2.8.10 on our FTP:
>I remember to have fixed some drag and drop issue for GIMP on Windows
>in a later version (not sure which, maybe 2.8.6 or 2.8.8, but
>definitely later than your 2.8.2). The bug description was different
>though, so I'm unsure this is related, but it is better to check with
>the last version to make sure.

It happen directly when starting Gimp (open a existing or blank project).
Actually it's been a while since I use the UI drag-and-drop (Note : I can d-n-d
from an outside source. It's only the user interface (UI) drag-n-drop isn't
working. See the issue description by kzibart on the 1st post).

In my case I'm using 2.8.10 before I was on 2.8.8 and I already try with 2.6.12
(each time I delete the .gimp folder) but without any success.

Zou (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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