On 18/12/13 10:42, Andrew & Bridget wrote:
> Please remember Photoshop is driven by a $$$ of investment, don't
> criticize a product you are getting for 'free' and comparing it
> against a project driven by $$$.

i very much dislike this mentality - I appreciate that software
development costs money and time but I firmly believe Free Software can
and should be better than proprietary software.

Also, to flip the coin there is lots of free and proprietary software
with huge ammounts of money involved that is terrible. Just look at
windows - no amount of cash will fix that ;)

Also, we don't get gimp for free: not really. We give our time here on
lists and forums, and our money in donations too :)

FallenLegend - do you think that there are many other people who would
also like this scrolling brush size feature you mention? Perhaps we can
get it as a second project for Jehan to do on the openfunding site?



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