Hello Anna! I do believe many people would befenit from this feauture.

For example many painters use photoshop's for this very reason . In fact many
indsutry professionals use it as a time saver

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VX-wujJbbk. As you can see it makes the process
of shading much more simple.

Also I would like to point out that this featuree is probably the main reason
peaople think sketchbook pro is a very versatile probram


In that video the artist is complementing how easy is to change brush size.

So yeah I think this would be great for a lot of painters :)

Thank you for your interest :D

>i very much dislike this mentality - I appreciate that software
>development costs money and time but I firmly believe Free Software
>and should be better than proprietary software.
>Also, to flip the coin there is lots of free and proprietary software
>with huge ammounts of money involved that is terrible. Just look at
>windows - no amount of cash will fix that ;)
>Also, we don't get gimp for free: not really. We give our time here on
>lists and forums, and our money in donations too :)
>FallenLegend - do you think that there are many other people who would
>also like this scrolling brush size feature you mention? Perhaps we
>get it as a second project for Jehan to do on the openfunding site?

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