On Mon, 2014-01-13 at 18:31 +0000, Andrew_Bridget wrote:
> This is such a common task, there may be cause to have a Resize option
> bundled with the Export command.  Having to always perform them as two
> separate steps is an annoyance, but the possibility of accidentally
> saving the wrong resolution back to the XCF file is a danger.

It's true, I've sometimes overwritten my archival copy like that.

A checkbox, "save as a readonly file" on export, and "save as" or 'save
a copy" would help a lot.

Resize on export - I usually resize and then run sharpen or unsharp, and
often adjust curves, before the actual export.

I really really really wish I could tell in some way from the GUI
whether the image *as I see it now* on screen, in gimp, has been
exported; I'm entirely uninterested in knowing if I exported the image 3
hours ago, before lots of changes, which is all GIMP tells me today.
The * in the title bar for "image has not been saved" used to do that,
because save as png or jpeg counted as a save and removed the "dirty"
flag. I don't want that back again (can lose data by forgetting to save
back to xcf) but I'd like (say) a % to mean "exported but changed since
last export".

With that, the resize/export/undo cycle would become much more reliable.


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