On 01/14/2014 12:15 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
13 янв. 2014 г. 22:32 пользователь "Andrew_Bridget" <
andrew_brid...@btinternet.com> написал:
This is such a common task, there may be cause to have a Resize option
bundled with the Export command.  Having to always perform them as two
separate steps is an annoyance, but the possibility of accidentally saving
the wrong resolution back to the XCF file is a danger.

If you reall care about the output quality, you _never_ just resize. You
resize and sharpen, and amount of sharpening is decided on
picture-by-picture basis.
Yes. And sometimes you even blur the picture slightly before resizing to avoid artifacts caused by spatial frequency folding.

This is something I would expect the "Save for Web" plugin to do, not the
stock exporter.

"Web" is a bit restrictive: games, wallpapers, pictures in documents...
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