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> Dear gimp experts,

Hi Ralf,

> for a Math lesson on symmetry, I need images
> like shown in the screen shot. The image and
> then the screenshot was generated with Gimp.

the list drops attachments, but I guess they won't bee needed here.

> It is a bit tricky to switch to 8 dpi and

Print size, but make sure that this is what you want - if you set the
ppi value to 8 for a 8 pixel image, you do this because you want it to
be printed 1 inch high and 1 inch wide.

> just one bit level (b/w), after all, the

You can index the image to a 1-bit b/w palette, but that won't matter
much until you export. It should also be ok to just paint in black and
white and worry about that later.

> pencil tool and the eraser are only working
> in specific (even?) positions (high zoom level
> approx. 2000%).

Well, you are working at a level where individual pixels are relevant
(that seems to be the point of your lesson).

> Isn't there a bit/pixel toggle mode with
> pixel grid availabe?

Sure. Check out the View and the Image menus, you can switch the grid
display and behavior there and set it up for your image.

> Any further tools to display an axis cross (+)
> and a X grid above my sketch?

What about the rulers of the image window?

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