Can anyone tell me how to get my toolbox to appear when I launch GIMP?

Somehow, I clicked on something that apparently told GIMP not to display my toolbox when it starts up on my desktop machine. (That machine is running Windows XP SP3 and my GIMP version is 2.8.2). Presently, when I open GIMP, I only get the main edit screen with the File, Edit, Select, View, Image, Layer, Colors, Tools, Filters, Windows, Help options but no toolbox. I can click on Windows/New Toolbox but even then I only get a long slender toolbox with the various selection tools in it but if I click on the Fill tool, for example, I don't get the supporting menu which lets me choose the foreground and background colors.

How do I get back to where I'm getting the toolbox automatically upon opening GIMP and the supporting dialogs also appear when you click on the relevant tool?

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