Hello jojo8,

I'm not a Mac user, but it is always important to provide as much
information as possible. For your problem I think it would help to know:
MacOS Version:
Gimp Version:
Where did you get Gimp from?

2014-07-09 16:34 GMT+02:00 jojo8 <for...@gimpusers.com>:

> Also regarding re-installiing gimp for mac. Whenever I try to re-install
> it I
> keep getting a request from Genio to install their program at the sam
> etime,
> which I do not want as I had Genio on my computer before and it was really
>  hard
> to get rid of.
Gimp doesn't add any additional software to the installer. Please make sure
you only download gimp from pages listed here:

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