On  9.7.2014 at 4:34 PM Id_graphics wrote:
Hi I recently downloaded gimp for mac and have been using it without any
problems, then when I tried to open it from my applications it said it cannot
open gimp as it cannot be found. I did not uninstall it however when I finished
using it one day I clicked in eject. Does this mean I uninstalled it? I just
wanted to remove it from my desktop but keep it in my applications.

This sounds like you never had it in your Applications folder, but in a
DMG file on your desktop and when ejecting the DMG file in Finder you
lost GIMP.
Reopen the DMG file and drop the GIMP symbol from there into the
Applications folder. Check back by clicking the Applications folder -
if GIMP is there, then everything is fine. Run GIMP from there.

Also regarding re-installiing gimp for mac. Whenever I try to re-install it I
keep getting a request from Genio to install their program at the sam etime,
which I do not want as I had Genio on my computer before and it was really  hard
to get rid of.

See Tobias' answer - we don't ship GIMP with additional installers nor
malware. It looks like Genio hasn't gone. Consider reinstalling OS X
and getting GIMP from the sites at www.gimp.org/downloads.

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