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> Hi,
> I'm having an issue with the myriad pro bold font. The spacing of the 
> changed all of a sudden. I've closed, restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled a 
> different versions and nothing seems to work. I've played around with font 
> hinting without luck as well.
> Attached is an example of the spacing being off. It can be seen best in the 
> 'calcaneous' in the attached image. On the left, the text is normal looking. 
> the right, the spacing of the letters is off. I hadn't made any changes when
> this distortion started occurring.

Looking at the two options you provided, the text in the problematic text box 
seems distorted,  it looks like you may have somehow stretched the original 
dimensions of thectext box. If you have the file copy the text from the text 
box, paste it into a new txt file, delete the problematic layer and paste the 
text in a new text layer. 

> The text in this image is myriad pro bold, 14 px. I'm using version 2.6.12 
> (because I find it's easiest for me to use for what I need to do) but I've 
> updated gimp and tested the font in the latest version with the same result.

Granted you posted this a month ago, I hope it helps in future. 

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