Arran <> writes:

> Hello
> I have a request:
> Many of the new compact cameras have an interesting gadget included: A colour
> key filter. You choose one of six or so predefined colours and the result is
> then a black and white picture except everything in this colour. However, the
> colour is very narrowly defined. If you choose green, there is a medium green,
> much lighter or darker greens stay black/white. Furthermore everything in the
> choosen colour are coloured.

Did you try the menu item Colours→Colourize? 


> Also it should be possible to
> narrow the colour to just a certain part of the picture. Example: a housefront
> with 10 shutters, all in green. I want just one of these shutters keeping its
> green, all others have, like the rest of all colours, to be black and white.

Select the window that you want to have colour, invert the selection,
click Colours→Desaturate.

> Is there a possiblility to achieve this with present tools or is there 
> interest
> from sombody to develop such a filter or a plug-in and include it into Gimp?

Pretty sure it's all built-in already ;-)

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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