On 26/08/14 16:03, Arran wrote:
Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply.

Arran <for...@gimpusers.com> writes:
Did you try the menu item Colours→Colourize?
Yes, I did. bit it is very tiresome, especially if one has 4 colour spots to
keep. With one it worked well, at least that's a start. But making selections
with the path tool is tiresome and I do not know hot to make several selections
in one picture and give each one an other colour.

Or imagine in the hypothetical picture I cited, I would like all 10 window
shutters  in green, the rest in b/w, how would you do that?

When you start a selection tool, you can shift-click (instead of plain click) to add the resulting selection to the current selection (instead of replacing it). You can also make several successive selection, saving them to a channel each time, and then combine them at the end

You can select the pixels with a given color using the color selector. You can also use that selection tool with specific selection criteria (Hue, Saturation, Value, specific RGB channel).
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