In the hope that the developers keep an eye on this mailing list, I'm
putting forward a request for a few (hopefully minor) enhancements, as

I paint watercolours and I use the Add Border option of the Filters > Decor
menu to make a "mount" around a photo of a finished painting, after
cropping. There are some values that have to be specified which I would
like to see modified if at all possible:

1. The maximum border is 250 which is often too small for my purposes. Can
I suggest 1000. Although I could add another border to make a larger
border, I then can't add a bevel because I need to add the bevel on the
first border before adding the second border and then there's a bevel
between the two borders.
So an alternative to increasing the maximum border would be to have an
option to make a bevel just on the inside or outside. I expect this would
be more work than just changing the default maximum border although it
would extend the possibilities more.
2. When I add a bevel the maximum bevel is 30, could this be extended, to
say 100?
3. The "delta" value on colour creates a gradient on the sides which I
don't want but unfortunately it doesn't accept zero, the lowest value is 1.
Is it possible to allow a zero value? However I'm not too troubled by this
as a value of 1 is hardly detectable.

(using Gimp 2.8.10 in Linux Mint 17)
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