The instructions for Windows 7 32 bit is the same. I only added the 64 bit text
explicitly to prevent users from mixing 64 bit and 32 bit (you cannot use a 32
bit DLL in a 64 bit application, and vice versa). If you use a 64 bit GIMP then
you need the 64 bit PostScript DLL. If you use a 32 bit GIMP then you need to
use the 32 bit PostScript DLL.

In your case just make sure you install GIMP 32 bit and PostScript 32 bit
version, then the rest of the copy routine remains the same.

>Hello all, apologies for 'reviving' an old thread
>I've been looking everywhere for a solution - unfortunately I have
>Windows 7 32 bit - so the dll copy won't work.
>I added the GS_PROG system variables and used both gswin32.exe and
>gswin32c.exe to try make this work
> C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.09\bin\gswin32.exe
>I have the latest GIMP installed as well. 
>any other ideas greatly appreciated!

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