>Can someone tell me why in the wide world of sports gimp is deciding
>to do this when I try to Text Along Path? I'd appreciate any help;
>nothing makes my blood boil like software.
>As you can see from the image, I have a path that the letters are
>beginning to follow, but then it just decides the corner of my canvas
>is incredibly vital to the completion of this function. I
>painstakingly lined up this curve exactly how I needed it, and
>clicking up in the corner of the canvas was not one of the steps I
>took in the creation process. It has also done this on two separate
>paths I've created on this canvas. I've also tried making my text much
>smaller in case it was a sizing issue; does the same thing. Hope
>someone is familiar with this issue, and thanks in advance.

I have seen this one before.  Old version of Gimp and the text is too long for
the path.

This Gimp 2.8.4 in a WinXP  http://i.imgur.com/IF4YuRX.jpg

This Gimp 2.8.14 in a Win7 http://i.imgur.com/sMuVFJ6.jpg

Can't recall when it was fixed. 2.8.8 maybe 

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