> I just wrote my first script-fu for gimp which is supposed to save
> an image in pbm format.  It works fine - except for that it saves
> the image in ppm format instead of pbm format.  (The real format is
> obvious from the size of the resulting file, though the file
> extension is pbm).  What is going on here?  If I remove the last
> line of the script and run the Save command from the menu, I get a
> "proper" pbm file.

Kind of related:

There are two functions file-pnm-save and file-ppm-save (plus
file-save-pgm and file-save-pbm).  What is the difference between
file-pnm-save and file-ppm-save?  What triggers whethers file-pnm-save
saves an image in ppm, pgm, or pbm format?


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